Participants shared stories about how using health information technology helped them meet a goal related to cancer care.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), invites cancer patients, survivors, and their families and friends to create short, compelling videos sharing a personal story that describes a goal of a cancer patient or survivor, and how technology (such as health IT or consumer eHealth tools) is used to support meeting that goal.  There are a variety of tools and applications that can be used to help patients and their families navigate the various aspects of living with or transitioning from cancer treatment to survivorship. For example, videos could include a story about using one of the following:

  • The web to learn more about a diagnosis and relevant treatment options
  • An online community to connect with other patients and caregivers for support
  • A personal health record to track and manage care received and side effects
  • Other tools to determine the best treatment plans based on your preferences or to help manage medications, diet, or other activities to enhance cancer treatment, transitional care, and quality of life

The purpose of the challenge is to generate videos that will inspire and motivate others to become more engaged in their care, through the use of consumer e-health tools and other health IT to improve communication and collaboration with their health care team (doctors, nurses, and other allied health care professionals), and better manage their cancer-related care.  

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$8,350 in prizes

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Third Prize

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How to enter

  1. Create an account on or log in with an existing ChallengePost account.
  2. On, click “Accept this challenge” to indicate your interest in participating. This step ensures that you will receive important challenge updates.
  3. Create a video and ensure the following (please read the Official Rulesfor complete requirements):
    1. Your video shares a personal story about cancer care
    2. Your video describes how health IT or consumer ehealth tools are used to support reaching the goal
    3. Your video encourages viewers to visit
    4. Your video is no longer than 2 minutes
  4. Confirm that you have read and agreed to the Official Rules. Submit your video by including a title; a link to the video on or; a text description of your personal story and use of technology, and a transcript of the words spoken in the video. Upload consent forms for everyone who appears in your video, regardless of age.


Abdul Shaikh

Abdul Shaikh
Program Director at National Cancer Institute

Lee Stevens

Lee Stevens
State Health Information Exchange Policy, Office of the National Coordinator for HIT

Kasia Galica, M.A.

Kasia Galica, M.A.
HCIP, Graduate Fellow, Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch BRP, DCCPS, National Cancer Institute

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Includes elements such as the creativity and coherence of the script/story.
  • Potential Impact
    Includes whether the video is compelling, inspiring, instructive, and share-able.
  • Video and Audio Quality
    All types of videos will be accepted into the Challenge. However, effort to show quality of the video content, narrative and visual appearance will be assessed.
  • Video Plays
    Includes the number of plays at the start of the Judging Period on either YouTube or Vimeo – whichever service was linked to in the submission. The more plays the video has the better it will score in this category.